Nucleoforce Poultry

NUCLEOFORCE POULTRY is a balanced concentrate of free nucleotides and active precursors obtained from dried yeast with a minimum concentration of 80%.

The exclusive composition of Nucleoforce Poultry is designed to precisely and specifically meet the nucleotide needs of layers and chicks.

Adding Nucleoforce to rearing feeds for layers of up to 17 weeks old and in the starter feeds of chicks up to 3 weeks old helps the animals to correctly develop key tissues of the reproductive and immune systems and the intestinal mucosa.

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BRONCHIMAX is a liquid plant extract additive made especially to ensure efficient respiration for indoor pigs and poultry.

It acts as an expectorant to assist discharge of mucus.

It also has an antitussive action and demulcent effect.

Other components stimulate activity of white blood cells and increases the animals’ appetite.

Their combined properties maintain immunity, improved liver function, optimizing feed conversion.

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PALBIO is the vacuum-dried peptides from porcine intestinal mucosa which possesses exceptional characteristics and high digestibility.

It aids in enhancing feed consumption and the fast development of the intestinal mucosa of animals.

The ultimate benefit from it is a general improvement of the production parameters and health of the animals.

  • Highly digestible hydrolysed protein
  • Protein content in the form of free amino acids: 37%
  • Stimulates feed intake
  • No need for separate production lines


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Nucleoforce Piglets

NUCLEOFORCE PIGLETS is a balanced concentrate of of free nucleotides and active precursors, (minimum content of 50%), obtained from dried yeasts.

Nucleoforce Piglets’ exclusive composition is designed to compensate for metabolic deficiencies in piglets in a specific manner.

Adding Nucleoforce to creep feed diets and during the two weeks after weaning helps the animals to properly develop their immune system and intestinal mucosa.

This results into healthier and stronger animals that are more resistant to different diseases, especially those of digestive nature.

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