Beefing Up the Immune System

March 24, 2020

Dr. Matteo Valenti, an Internal Medicine practitioner from Beaumont Health System – Michigan, discusses to FOX2 that there is a simple way to take control against COVID-19. Go back to basics, and beef up your immune system, so you’re ready to fight.

“If your body is healthy to begin with, it is generally more healthy when it comes to fighting off certain things… Sometimes we think, especially in this day and age with so much technology, that the simple things don’t really work,” says Dr. Valenti. He proposed a three-prong approach:

1. Have a well-balanced meal

2. Regular sleep-wake schedule (go to bed roughly at the same time, get up roughly at the same time)

3. Multivitamin supplementation

As we are learning to avoid getting COVID-19, we must also remember that our animals may face similar challenges. African Swine Fever is also affecting our swine industry until today. Bird Flu has also been detected again. Because of the presence of these viruses, we can relate Dr. Valenti’s statement to our animals as well.

Viruses are very difficult to combat, especially if they have successfully penetrated the primary defenses our our animals (hair, skin, mucous membranes, etc…) Before the viruses even have the chance to get through these defenses, we must give our animals the materials they need to have a fighting chance.

UBC ViruShield is a supplement designed to PREVENT excessive inflammation; to CONTROL oxidative stress; to STIMULATE the innate immune response; and to PROVIDE materials for DNA and cell replication, and protein synthesis.

People are panic buying alcohol, food, and most importantly, health and vitamin supplements. It may not assure us that we will be safe and protected from COVID-19, but it is definitely better to have our bodies’ immune systems strengthened and fortified if ever we do get the virus.

No amount of money is equal to our families’ health and protection. And hopefully, we can consider UBC ViruShield for our animals, and our livelihood as well.

Information source: FOX2 Detroit,


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