Tips to Fight COVID-19

March 31, 2020

Dr. Christine Gonzalez, a brave front liner, says that we can win against COVID-19 if we take care of ourselves with proper food, drinks, rest, sleep, and exercise. For the food and the drinks part, she gave some home tips to fight this virus.

1. “The COVID-19 prevention and control tea,” consists of organic turmeric root, ginger root, garlic, and juiced calamansi. This drink rebuilds immunity and is the considered the best anti-inflammatory remedy. Dr. Gonzalez says that this is proven effective for cough, cold, fever, flu-like symptoms, sore throat, etc.

2. Apart from the tea, Dr. Gonzalez also mentions the importance of food. “Food functions to rebuild living tissues, supply energy, and preserve a proper medium in which the biochemical processes of the body can take place… The food that fight viral infections and deter disease growth are generally the same: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, spices and micro-algae. All have important nutrients and other infection-fighting substances (phytochemicals) that strengthen immune function.” To ensure that we maintain the immune function, we should avoid junk, processed and fast-food and drinks because these weaken our immune system.

Just like us, our animals need to have the proper nutrition to survive against viruses and other pathogens. As a complement to our animals on what Dr. Gonzalez stated, UBC ViruShield was designed to PREVENT excessive inflammation; to CONTROL oxidative stress; to STIMULATE the innate immune response; and to PROVIDE materials for DNA and cell replication, and protein synthesis.

We should not only fight the viruses that are targeting our animals. We should also give our animals the nutrition they need so that they can fight alongside us.


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