E.C.O. Trace

Metal chelates of glycine, hydrate. The advantageous source of zinc, copper, manganese and iron.

  • Safe supplu status for high-performance animals
  • Excellent bioavailability scientifically proven
  • Lower risk of deficiency and performance depression
  • Saving resources and reducing environmental pollution
  • Beneficial chemical and physical properties
  • Product Description

    E.C.O. Trace® organically bound trace minerals are effectively used in nutrition of high-performance animals since 2007. The stable chelates are formed of the smallest amino acid glycine and the respective metal ion.

    The chemical structure in E.C.O. Trace® prevents negative interactions between the metal ion and other feed compounds in the digestive tract and increases the absorption and bioavailability of trace minerals. As shown in several feeding trials, compared to inorganic mineral sources. the use of E.C.O. Trace® allows:

  • Improved trace mineral supply status
  • Reduced risk of performance depression
  • Lower excretion of trace minerals
  • Technical advantages

  • High metal contents for low inclusion rates
  • Proper chelation level
  • Homogeneous granulates with low dust formation and high working safety
  • Mean particles the size of 300 – 600 µm
  • Free-flowing and hardly hygroscopic
  • Water solubility allows universal application
  • Fields of application

    Use E.C.O. Trace® glycine chelates in mineral-vitamin-premixes, compound feeds or feed supplements in order to support an optimal animal performance and health status:


    • Proper bone development
    • High foot pad and carcass quality
    • Support of egg shell formation


    • Reproductive performance
    • Growth and vitality of piglets
    • Claw integrity


    • Udder health and milk yield
    • Fertility and immune response
    • Healthy claws