Nucleoforce Piglets

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Nucleoforce Piglets is a balanced concentrate of free nucleotides and active precursors, (min. 50%), obtained from dried yeasts.

The exclusive composition of Nucleoforce Piglets is designed to precisely and specifically make up for metabolic deficiencies in piglets.

Adding Nucleoforce to creep feeds and during the two week period following weaning helps animals to correctly develop their immune system and intestinal mucosa.

Adding Nucleoforce Piglets results in stronger animals that are more reistant to different diseases, especially those of a digestive nature.

Product Description



Nucleotides are semi-essential nutrients which are characterized as being the structural units for cell nucleic acids.

This means they are especially necessary for the development of tissues with a high rate of cell replication, such as the immune and digestive systems of piglets, whose needs can not be completely covered by endogenous synthesis.

Their molecular composition is based on a sugar, a base and between one and three phosphate groups.

Why are they semi-essential nutrients?

The milk of the sow is rich in nucleotides, supplying the piglets with a ready source of available nucleotides for tissues with a low capacity of de novo synthesis, such as the intestinal mucosa and cells of the immune system.

With today’s production systems, increased numbers of piglets and weaning at young ages, there is a reduced supply of maternal nucleotides.

Main effects on the piglet

Better development of the immune system so that the animals are more resistant to disease and respond better to vaccinations.

Improved intestinal development, reducing the involution the intestine undergoes to a minimum and so helping improve the digestibility of diets and reduce diarrhoeal processes.


The effective dose ranges from 1 to 2 kg per ton in milk-starters and pre-starters.