Nucleoforce Poultry

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Nucleoforce Poultry is a balanced concentrate of free nucleotides and active precursors obtained from dried yeasts.

The exclusive composition of Nucleoforce Poultry is designed to precisely and specifically meet the nucleotied needs of layers and chicks.

Adding Nucleoforce to rearing deed for layers of up to 17 weeks old and in the started feed of chicks up to 3 weeks old helps animals correctly develop key tissue of the reproductive and immune systems and the intestinal mucosa.

Product Description


What are Nucleotides?

Nucleotides are semi-essential nutrients that are the structural units of RNA and DNA.

They are therefore particularly necessary for the development of tissue with a high rate of cell replication, such as the tissue in the reproductive, immune and digestive systems. The organism’s needs are not completely satisfied by endogenous synthesis alone.

The molecular composition of nucleotides is based on a sugar, a base and one to three phosphate groups.


Why are they semi-essential nutrients?

Eggs and milk have a high nucleotide content and provide young animals with a source of nucleotides that is made available to tissue with little de novo synthesis capacity.


Main effects produced in layers and broilers

  • More and heavier eggs
  • Better and earlier immune response: humoral immune response and cell-meditated immunity.
  • Improved intestinal development and conversion index.
  • Improved health and less resistance to antibiotics.


The effective dosage is 0.5 kg per tonne in rearing feed for layers and started feed for broilers.