Our History


For almost two and a half decades, Ultra Bio Corporation has been producing highly advanced, and superior-quality animal health and nutritional products that are unrivaled in the Philippines.

The company started in 1997 as Ultra Biogenics Supply, a sub-distributor of livestock vaccines, feed additives, antibiotics, and vitamin-mineral premixes.

Incorporated in 2002, UBC refocused, increasing its product base, and providing more for its clients through direct importation and exclusive distribution.

Working with the goal of delivering Maximum Performance, and guided by the concept of One Health, UBC continues to provide market-leading products and technologies that enrich its clientele in the country.


To successfully cater to the global market in the pursuit of their goals, by providing superior products and services, with the ideal of maximum performance.


To deliver only high-quality products and superior service to our clientele.

To constantly search for sources of high-quality products.

To enrich and grow the country and the industry by being a morally, socially, and environmentally responsible company.