is maximum profitability

Ultra Bio Corporations MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE system is set to assist farmers up to the grass roots level of their farm operations.

The Goal of Every Farm

Maxmize Farm Efficiency

Mazimize Profitability



We assist farmers to correct, improve and attain their respective performance targets while increasing the profitability of their farm.


MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE is not merely a product. It is a service oriented system that helps farmers improve their production efficiency and output through the use of growth modeling and economic forcasting techniques that we developed.


The parameters we use and set as targets are quantifiable and measurable with great accuracy, thus making the system logical and practical for the farmers to use and implement.


Our system is dynamic, A continuous after-sales service activity is mainained with the farmer to regularly determine the accuracy of the growth model to the profitability of the farm.

We don’t fear change, we flow with it.

Change is a fact of life, that is why MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE is a cycle that keeps going. We change the specifics in the system to ensure that your farm is always operationg at maximum efficiency


MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE uses the data we gather from your farm so that we can ensure that your farm will operate at maximum efficiency.

Pig Sales Summary*

– Total number of heads sold

– Average Weight

– Average age of pigs sold

Pig Inventory*

– Animal inventory on each stage of life and feed type

Feed Nutrient Specification

– Feed formulation used

– Raw material Available

Age-Weight-Back Fat*

– Sample Weighing

– Back fat thickness measurement

*Data types shown here are examples of some that would be gathered at pig farm.