Nucleoforce Receives Halal Certification

February 26, 2022

Nucleoforce Receives Halal Certification

Nucleoforce, the best source of concentrated and balanced free nucleotides, has been certified to meet Halal requirements. This opens the doors for those farms that have a need for both industry-leading nucleotides for their livestock, and the stringent requirements Halal certification ensures.

Farmers now have access to all the benefits of Nucleoforce while maintaining a Halal diet for their animals, which is a game-changer for farms that cater to markets that require this guarantee.

The use of animal-based feed or supplements can cast doubt on the integrity of the final product, and so Bioiberica, the Spanish producer of Nucleoforce Livestockm and Nucleoforce Aqua, has gone the extra mile to ensure that this product checks all the necessary boxes for a Halal farm’s needs.

The addition of Nucleoforce in feed optimizes the development of the immune and digestive systems, contributing to fast, healthy growth and development, as well as reducing the dependence on antibiotics. It provides the necessary building blocks for growing animals, and is derived from yeast, not animal byproducts.

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